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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 02:41


This past year an old college friend reached out to me in quest of my artistic direction in developing a project for her sons school to raise money at their annual gala. The 2012 theme being The American Heartland. I quickly remembered an old painting that i created years ago that was inspired by Frank Sinatra's 1946 anthem ''The House I live in" , commonly known as "What is America To Me" . It was the perfect fit. I assembled a 3 panel triptych 15 feet/4 feet , and drew (coloring-book style) Sinatra'a portrait and the entire lyrics of the song. My part was complete as now over 400 plus children from the school painted in the collaboration. The end result s a fabulous free spirited triptych that sold for over $3000.00 at auctions end!

if you are not familiar with Sinatra's song,please copy the link and listen, every American should know this song, it is incredible and still bring gooosebumps to my skin upon hearing it ,especially in this tenuious and fragile society that we live in today. There is a great lesson of patriotism and simplicity of love  and life for all of us to learn!



Henry races his car!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 01:15

Junior artist Henry,,,  almost age  3 showed up with his hipster Mom Sibyl....   AKA POPULAR PHILLY BLOGGER ..   WWW.HIPSTERHENRY.COM   this past Monday to help launch our MOMMY AND ME CLASS.  Henry quickly got to work exploring painting with real, yes real acrylic, glitter, and cotton balls to simulate a smoking engine while creating this mixed media piece on cardboard.  At Palette Kids Studio, even the youngest artist are encourage to use multiple medium and have 100% freedom of their creativity at al times. Even Sibyl got into the action with her son while helping him work on his little masterpiece.

New York City Skyline Teaser

Sunday, 21 August 2011 01:32

Learn the first steps to creating your very own diarama of the New York City Skyline in this free art lesson with pop artist Perry Milou.

Palette Kids Art Class for Kids

Friday, 06 April 2012 00:46

Sherry Aikens is an entrepeneur and blogger for SuperExhausted. Last week, her and her children were able to enjoy the Palette Kids experience first hand. Her son was able to create a project using real clay, as pictured above. For more details about her experience, go to the link below:

SuperExhausted - Palette Kids

Another great blogger from the Philadelphia area was able to visit Palette Kids recently with her 6-year old daughter. The author of the blog Susan's Disney Family talks about the great time her daughter had during their visit on one of her latest blogs. In the picture above, you can see the masterpiece created by Susan's daughter during the class. You can read her review by clicking on the link below:

Susan's Disney Family - Palette Kids

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