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Friday, 06 April 2012 04:22



Who? Ages 2-5 yrs

When? 10:00 - 11:00 AM


Young toddlers get to explore two and three dimensional projects designed by Pop Artist Perry Milou. Children can choose from a wide range of projects and are encouraged to express their own freedom of creativity. These little Picassos will use professional quality paint and art supplies. Please bring a smock, its a must!




Who? Ages 5-12

When? 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM, 1:00 - 3:00 PM

$40.00 (buy a block of five for $175)

Our Fine Arts program is structured through an open studio concept, specializing in dynamic small classes that promote 100% freedom of your child's creativity at all times. Your children will enter the world of a professional art studio, mentored by nationally recognized pop artist Perry Milou, (www.perrymilou.com). A great emphasis is placed on drawing and painting from life. Our unique eight-foot drawing wall is a perfect, larger than life sketch pad than will shapen your child's fundamental artistic skills. The studio's curriculum includes the study of color theory, design, composition, and experimental techniques. Our talented staff is enthusiastic and comprised of professional artists who specialize in their own diverse mediums. Children are also granted the freedom of choosing from one of over 50 3-d art projects. These prototypes range in theme from art history to pop art culture. The projects act as real inspirational models from which your child's visions can flourish. 

Join pop artist Perry Milou as he guides you through an exciting combination of gestural sketching, color rendering, oil painting, and three dimensional techniques towards developing a pop art project for children that is featured now at his PALETTE KIDS STUDIO in Philadelphia.


Thursday, 25 August 2011 16:00
So you just about to go to the recycling bin, wait wait, please stop, save your items. Calling all toothpaste containers, soap boxes, plastic soda cans, you are about to be become a great pop philly skyline just for kids. Learn with pop artist PERRY MILOU as he teaches your children how to meld all these parts together including making their very own drawing of ROCKY BALBOA to grace the top of city hall.

American Pop Artist Perry Milou brings art to everybody with his easy to learn stencil art technique. By creating stencils, you will create your own designs that will allow you to produce fast mutiples in many unique styles. Immerse yourself in a world of art and energy where Milou teaches you how to recreate his famous Lady Liberty art and make stencils of your own. Get great results very fast; it's every artists dream!

BEN... age 6... art enthusiast and regular saturday morning palette kid, proudly shows off his very cool paper mache fruit bowl....way to go Ben!

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