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Home / Who's a Palette Kid? / FAITH KURTZMAN AGE 9
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25 Aug


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Nine year old Faith Kurtzman loves Lady Gaga. Upon entering Palette Kids Studio, she  admired Perry Milou's original pop oil titled ''CAUTION GAGA'' , oil/mixed media on canvas 48/36 in, 2011.( see perrrymilou.com....new works). She  immediately asked her mother to purchase the piece for her, but mom said it was a little over her allowance budget, so Faith quickly ordered a giclee ( archival reproduction on canvas) from the artist and proceeded to add her own embellishments,, ie swarovski crytals and Martha Stewart Glitter, not to mention all the caution tape that she cut her own patterns for and decopauged on the print. Way to go Faith!!!!!

Last modified on Friday, 09 September 2011 01:46
Perry Milou

Perry Milou

"There is pure beauty and love in watching a child create, they get lost in their experience right before your eyes, teaching us all the magic of staying present. It is an extraodinarying rewarding process to witness!"

Perry Milou

Website: www.palettekids.com


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  • Lsilveri

    What a great studio what a great artist and teacher what a great girl!

    Lsilveri Friday, 09 September 2011 20:04 Comment Link

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